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Annapolis, MD, 21401

Crab Shack Design is a gift shop for ocean lovers.  We specialize in laser cut and engraved products inspired from living in paradise.  All of these great items are hand crafted in my home studio in Annapolis, MD


Welcome to my blog!  This is my journal of thoughts, ideas, experiences... basically whatever I feel like sharing with the world. Enjoy and remember... Stay Crabby! :)


Christmas Craft Sale

Charron Letarte

Crab Shack Glass Craft Sale.JPG

Saturday, November 16 my neighbor who owns Natasha Byrd Events decided to host a Christmas Craft Sale.  It was exactly what I needed to kick my butt into gear.  I have been talking and talking and TALKING about starting Crab Shack Glass, but this was the catalyst that set everything in motion.  It was so nice to do something less intimidating like a fun, neighborly craft sale.  We didn't have as many patrons as we would have liked, but it was so much fun!  I made a ton of stuff! Check out all of the great items...

Crab Shack Glass Hibiscus Wine Glasses.JPG
Hand Etched Wine Glass with Hibiscus.JPG
Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub.JPG
Upcycled Bottle Drinking Glasses.JPG
Natasha Byrd Events and Addie's Table.JPG

So great!  Look at how cute the stuff is up close and personal:

Thank you, Natasha for having us over!!!  Go on over to her site and see what she's all about: Natasha Byrd Events

Aloha & Stay Crabby :)